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Game Appearance

Game window, taskbar button, message boxes


This DLL-based extension package contains additional, advanced GML functions to control the game window and its taskbar button. It also supports showing Windows message boxes and playing system sounds.


Version 1.0a (stable)

Release date: 7 April 2009
Language: English
System requirements: Game Maker 5.0 or later (Pro/registered edition required)

Project status

A stable version of this product has been released. The project was announced at 29 August 2007.


This extension has been written by Jeroen van der Gun, in C++ and GML.

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28 October 2018 Insomnia_Wins
I don't know if you are still active, but I am trying to modify an open source program made with your extension. After finding out that the program needs your extension, I downloaded it and it said: "Cannot find extension package game appearance." or it will say "an error occured installing the extension package." Do you have any idea on why this is or how to fix it?

30 July 2015 Piclet
I try this dll extension on GM:Studio and doesnt work, any idea?

25 April 2015 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
neoncube: It means both. However you can contact me via e-mail for custom licensing.

11 February 2015 neoncube

I'd like to use this in a possibly-commercial game that I'm working on. The license agreement for the extension says "The Author grants You a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right and license to use the Extension in a non-commercial way and subject to these terms." Is the non-commercial part of the license agreement saying that we are not allowed to sell the plugin, or that the plugin may not be used in commercial products?


6 February 2011 Schroedman
It won't let me open it.

11 March 2010 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
To have a cancel button, you should use mb_yes_no_cancel instead of mb_yes_no.

11 March 2010 Globa
how do i make a dialog box exit?

ans = window_message_box('Exit?', mk_question, 'Are you sure you want to quit?', mb_yes_no);
if (ans=mi_yes) game_end();
if (ans=mi_no) ???

it all works exept cancel

22 January 2010 FCsabi
Can you post it on some mirror sites aswell? please... it seems that i can't download it

13 December 2008 Queviltai
I haven't tried this yet - is it possible to change the properties of other windows and their taskbar button?

5 November 2008 norg
is this free for commercial use ?

5 January 2008 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
I don't know how that is possible. It works fine on my computer (XP).

What error do you get?

5 January 2008 darktemp7
I get an error when I install it. I have vista, but I've installed plenty of other extensions.

8 September 2007 sorog
this is great

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