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PHP/MySQL online highscores extension


Blijbol OnScore is an open-source* online highscores extension for Game Maker. It uses PHP and MySQL and it contains many features.


Version 2.1.0 (stable)

Release date: 13 October 2012
Language: Both English and Dutch and even Russian
System requirements: Game Maker 5.3a or later (Pro/registered edition not required), PHP 4.1.0 or later with MySQL extension and PCRE extension, and MySQL 4.1.0 or later

Project status

A stable version of this product has been released. The project was announced at 12 June 2006.


Design, programming, security techniques, documentation, default and silver stylesheets, English and Dutch language packs, testing: Jeroen van der Gun
Security techniques, default rating images, testing: Simon Donkers
MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm implementation for Game Maker: Ville Kalliomäki
DTBrowser DLL for embedding Internet Explorer in Game Maker: Dung Truong
Testing: Richard Both; Simon Busstra; Wesley Kok; Richard Verschuren; Robin Sonneveld
Russian language pack: Roman Pavlovich
Spanish language pack: Anbascor
Development of third-party software used by OnScore: The PHP Group; MySQL AB; RSA Data Security, Inc.; The Game Maker Company

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29 June 2020 Evgen
It doesn't work under GMS :(((((((((

23 May 2016 MilaDesign
i designed new php mysql script for game maker studio

7 November 2014 GMS please
GMS please
GMS please
GMS pleaseGMS pleaseGMS please

5 September 2014 Mahd
Yes I can
but dosent work in GM Studio
please Upgrade for this version.

8 August 2014 Mahd
I tested. but cant use it.
I copy file server, on my web.
and try to Install, but I have question :
MySQL host: (localhost or
MySQL username: ???
MySQL password: ???
Database name: ???
Table prefix:???
please help me

25 July 2014 Epicular

24 July 2014 Mahd
How to install to server?

22 July 2014 Mahd
hi and tanx.
please tot about this Score.
I tested. but cant use it.
I copy file server, on my web.
and try to Install, but I have question :
MySQL host: (localhost or
MySQL username: ???
MySQL password: ???
Database name: ???
Table prefix:???
please help me

16 July 2014 Epicular
I tried replacing that one line of code in OnScore functions.gml since I use GM:Studio, and now the extension package doesn't install, I get an error

26 October 2013 nick
so what do i do now?

15 August 2013 Sicheater
action number 1
of Collision Event with object karakter
for object submit:

In extension function onscore_submit:
In extension function onscore_submit_ext:
In script onscore_connection_script:
Error in code at line 16:
return ''+argument[1];
at position 37: Wrong type of arguments to +.

23 February 2013 mfaridi
game maker studio plase

21 January 2013 gamemakerstudio
Please upgrade to gamemaker studio

21 January 2013 gamemakerstudio
cannot finde extension package: onscore with embedding

21 January 2013 gamemakerstudio
hi gamemakerstudio
erorr onscore_connection_script line 17

global.disable_editable = false;
return '';

1 January 2013 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
Hi stefan. It seems like you are using Game Maker Studio, which does not support execute_string(). You can still use OnScore if you import the GML scripts manually. You have to adapt line 80 of OnScore functions.gml:

execute_string('splash_show_web("' + argument0 + '&splash=true", 0);');

Replace this line with:

splash_show_web(argument0 + '&splash=true', 0);

After the replacements, the script will no longer work in Game Maker 7 or earlier, but it should work in Game Maker Studio instead.

31 December 2012 stefan
Error : gml_Script___onscore_embedded(2) : unknown function or script execute_string
Saving IFF file... C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Local\Temp\gm_ttt_30299\Test
Writing Chunk... GEN8
Writing Chunk... OPTN
Writing Chunk... EXTN
Writing Chunk... SOND
writing audio file C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Local\Temp\gm_ttt_30299\Menu.mp3...
writing audio file C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Local\Temp\gm_ttt_30299\spiel.mp3...
writing audio file C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Local\Temp\gm_ttt_30299\Tod.mp3...
Writing Chunk... SPRT
Writing Chunk... BGND
Writing Chunk... PATH
Writing Chunk... SCPT
Writing Chunk... FONT
Writing Chunk... TMLN
Writing Chunk... OBJT
Writing Chunk... ROOM
Writing Chunk... DAFL
Writing Chunk... TPAGE
Writing Chunk... CODE
Writing Chunk... VARI
Writing Chunk... FUNC
Writing Chunk... STRG
Writing Chunk... TXTR
0 Compressing texture... writing texture texture_0.png...
Writing Chunk... AUDO
Writing Chunk... SCPT
Writing Chunk... DBGI
Writing Chunk... STRG
Compile finished: 19:23:12

but nothing happens. only an empty error window pops up

please help

20 July 2012 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
Game Maker sometimes has problems with extensions for unknown reasons. If this occurs for you, I'd suggest importing OnScore as scripts and use these instead.

Although OnScore itself does (to remember the player's name), the themes do not use cookies.

13 July 2012 Paul
I use oscores engine want to say good job on that!

Still I have a problem..i can load the gex to gm only on XP Windows...on windows 7 it's giving me error on loading...Please responde me a.s.a.p.

23 June 2012 paul
The update for the theme styles doesn't work well.It doesn't update the changes..Are there any cookies accesed?

19 December 2011 Robert
I have followed all the steps to create a highscore table. I can view it fine from my game using:

But when I use:

I get an error:

In extension function onscore_submit:
In extension function onscore_submit_ext:
Illegal argument count calling script "onscore_connection_script".
Script requires 2 arguments, 1 have been supplied.

I have imported the script from my control panel and I can manually add scores. What could be the problem?

14 August 2011 Mauricio

12 December 2010 Marin Velchev
Hello again, I got it all right nad working !!!
Thank you very much - great job.
I have got one question - I am doing football game and I need to make it:

sqore = oldscore + newscore

now it is:
if newscore > oldscore
score = newscore

can you help me which file and how to modify it to work in this manner. Thank you in advance !

10 December 2010 Marin Velchev
Hello Blijbol, I am following the instructions, I uploaded the files, but how do I do this :

Upload the 'onscore' directory to your server. (You are allowed to rename the folder.) - DONE

When updating, overwrite all existing files in this process. Then visit this directory in your web browser for further instructions. ???

there is install.php file but how to do this?


10 March 2010 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
There are three available settings:
1. the default browser is opened
2. it is embedded
3. a splash screen is opened (GM8 only)

Setting 1 is the default, the others require GM Pro. Setting 2 can give a pretty good in-game appearance, an example of this setting is included in the package.

10 March 2010 Amitc87
Hello, just wondering if this is still being updated, and whether anyone still looks at these comments!

Also, will this system trigger the default browser to open some webpage in order for the online highscores to work? I hope not, because that would be annoying.

In addition, if the answer to the above question is that the browser is not triggered, will the online highscores also be able to be viewed IN-GAME rather than going to the website you are hosting this at?

15 February 2010 Michael14721
I don't know what to do..

14 February 2010 Michael14721
Do i need to execute anything? If so, how?

14 February 2010 Michael14721
It does, I use byethost..

14 February 2010 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
Please make sure that your server actually supports PHP.

14 February 2010 Michael14721

14 February 2010 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
What _does_ show up?

14 February 2010 Michael14721
Oh.. I forgot to upload the server files to a website.. So I just uploaded them, but the
installation instructions doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong?

13 February 2010 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
Michael, it looks like you're using the action library with embedding but the scripts without embedding. Either replace the action library or the imported scripts with the correct one.

To the others, please open the file Help.chm and read the page 'Getting Started'.

13 February 2010 Lort
The demo looks fine, but when you have downloaded the package. How do you implement it??

13 February 2010 HowDoIInstallThis?
How do I install this?

12 February 2010 Michael14721
I get an error :(

action number 1
of Other Event: Game Start
for object controller:

COMPILATION ERROR in code action
Error in code at line 1:

at position 1: Unknown function or script: onscore_use_embedding

27 January 2010 Jayson
Hey Blijbol, you are a genius. This works great.

15 January 2010 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
Did you change your database password after installing OnScore? If so, you should update the contents of config.php.

15 January 2010 Beni
Doesn't work. Got pretty much the same error as the guy before me

15 January 2010 Slammin Sam
When installing the package on my site I got:

PHP warning at line 157 of common.php
mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'nobody'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

22 May 2009 Jalage
I've been looking for something like this! THANKS! :)

24 April 2009 Shadow_111
Love this tool. Thanks a heap.

8 February 2009 RobotiX
I am using freehostia and I am having trouble with my mysql database. I am not sure of the host. Any help would be appreciated.


1 September 2008 ollie
try the following:
execute_shell(''+string(argument1), '');

28 May 2008 Paul
I use game maker 7 and theres errors. why?

28 May 2008 i get an error

30 April 2008 elvis kelley
I do not include/understand please place a course in Spanish now we are many the ispanos that we used game to maker

12 December 2007 Jeroen van der Gun (Blijbol)
I'm pretty sure it does work perfectly fine with GM7. Try reading the included help file.

11 December 2007 trevor
does it not work with gm7?

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