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PHP date() for GM

Converts dates to strings


Game Maker contains the functions date_datetime_string(), date_date_string() and date_time_string(), but it does not have a function to convert a date-time value to a custom format. That's where this script comes in, which uses the same format as the PHP function date(). Except for the timezone related characters and the full date/time characters, everything is supported. Because of known precision problems in Game Maker 6, the date and time must be passed as separate date-time values. (the time is optional)

Version 1.1 (stable)

Release date: 25 July 2006
Language: Dutch
System requirements: Game Maker 5.3a or later (also works in Lite/unregistered edition)

Project status

A stable version of this product has been released. The project was announced at 4 March 2006.


This script has been created by Jeroen van der Gun. It is highly appreciated to mention this in the credits of your game.

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Returns the notation of the as date-time values provided date (and time), following the specified format. You can create the format using the characters from the documentation below.

Supported formatting characters


\ Escaper, show next character litterally


d Day of the month, with zerofill (01-31)
D Day of the week, textual and abbreviated (Mon-Sun)
j Day of the month, without zerofill (1-31)
l (small L) Day of the week, textual and long (Monday-Sunday)
N Day of the week, numeric starting with Monday (Mon=1, Sun=7)
S Postfix for ordinal number of day of the month (st, nd, rd, th)
w Day of the week, numeric starting with Sunday (Sun=0, Sat=6)
z Day of the year, 1 January is zero (0-365)


W Week of the year, starting with Monday (1-52)


F Month, textual and long (January-December)
m Month, numeric with zerofill (01-12)
M Month, textual and abbreviated (Jan-Dec)
n Month, numeric without zerofill (1-12)
t Number of days in month (28-31)


L Leep year, boolean (0=no, 1=yes)
o Year according to week number, long (bijv. 2006)
Y Year according to date, long (bijv. 2006)
y Year according to date, abbreviated (bijv. 06)


a Ante Meridiem or Post Meridiem, lowercase (am, pm)
A Ante Meridiem or Post Meridiem, uppercase (AM, PM)
g Hour, 12-hours without zerofill (1-12)
G Hour, 24-hours without zerofill (0-23)
h Hour, 12-hours with zerofill (01-12)
H Hour, 24-hours with zerofill (00-23)


i Minute, with zerofill (00-59)


s Second, with zerofill (00-59)

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